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Children and adults - this site is for you,
especially if you love books.

Here to enjoy are tips on writing for children,
writing children's books
and illustrating books for children, for beginners and experts
- plus stories and verse, the history of children's books
and fun stuff.
You'll find this site will help you to write for pleasure or profit,
to discover the secrets of getting children's books published
and if you wish, create art-work and your own books.

The site has 4 aims:

To be a fun and useful place to visit.

- oOo -

To help children and adults further develop a passion for books and
the written word, and hopefully encourage all to write,
illustrate and be creative.

- oOo -

To provide information and tips useful to adults and children in
their writing and artistic endeavours, and in promoting their work
to publishers and the public.

- oOo -

To showcase my own books, ideas and techniques - which I also
share by visits, public speaking and workshops.


Thank you so much for visiting my website, Welcome!

I write books of several kinds - picture books, science, stories for all ages (I'm in the middle of writing a 'mystery' for children aged about 10 and another for 'young adults' that includes bits that are true but a little gruesome), and craft books - and I illustrate some of them.

Yay, copies of this one have just arrived in the publisher's warehouse ...as of 19th April, 2012.

Now available...

It's published by GMC Publications in the UK, but it will also be sold in the USA, Australia and other countries, though it may take a few weeks before copies reach stores in all areas. It's for children aged from about 9 years old up to and including adults. It took nearly 2 years to write, illustrate and produce, with close to 300 pictures of different sizes - I hope it inspires people of all ages to be creative.

The illustration from it (below) shows how you can use calligraphy and cut and sculpted paper to create designs. A page like this could be used in a scrapbook to show the relationships between the people who appear in the pictures, or I'm sure it could be hung on the wall.

I always like people to support their local bookstore when they can, but you will find that it's available for purchase through online stores who will deliver worldwide, maybe even free of charge:

The Book Depository Amazon UK GMC - the publisher

If you buy a copy of the book and write a review on one of these or any other website, or in a magazine or newspaper and notify me, I will hand write and decorate a name for you in calligraphy, add a feature incorporating 23ct gold leaf and send it to you.

In the future, I'll add information on this site about the process of writing non-fiction books and what you can expect a publisher to ask you to do in addition to writing the words - I have over 320 emails from my editor in my inbox.

If you are intertested in learning calligraphy, or you would like me to write something in calligraphy for you, please visit my new calligraphy website


Steve Jobs learned calligraphy and believed that this tuition played a major role in stimulating his beautiful designs for Apple products. I can offer tuition to adults and children individually or in groups; through school visits or residencies, and to teachers for in-service training.

Subjects can include: Calligraphy and Illumination;
Artist’s Book Construction; Creativity with Paper; Papermaking;
Bookbinding; Visual Literacy; Book Cover Design

...as well as writing topics such as Writing and Illustrating Picture Books; Creating Characters; Researching and more.

Please also see the 'Vists' page on this site.


It's in the stores, too!

Practical Calligraphy

I've written and illustrated it for childen aged 9 and over, and adults. There are 192 pages with dozens of alphabets and lots of tips and techniques fully explained. Hinkler Books published it in 2010.

And I'm still celebrating the release of

which was published worldwide in July 2009, also by Hinkler Books and went to reprint soon afterwards, in December 2009.

I co-wrote it with George Ivanoff and Sofija Stefanovic


I hope you’ll also enjoy my picture book

(wonderfully illustrated by Gail Breese)

Please click on the 'My New Book' button to see
excerpts, purchasing information and fun stuff.


"I have many more people who want copies of your wonderful book - but I've sold out yet again. How many can you supply?"
J.F. Professional Development

" ….There was more activity in Peter Taylor's workshop than I have seen in any teacher's lesson."
E. Y. Headmaster

A little bit more...

I'm the former Coordinator of the Australian state of Queensland's Chapter of the international Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - the worlds premier organisation for chidlren's book creators.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit to this site. It will continue to grow and change, so please visit often.

It has been created so that you can, either now or in the next month or two

· Read and download extracts from my books in progress, and see how they are shaping up.

· Find out more about me, my writing life and past lives.

· See what I have had published.

· Purchase my books and ebooks.

· Read some helpful tips on writing books for children.

· Download a bedtime-story for children.

· Investigate the history of children's literature.

· Have fun with some illustration techniques.

· Relax and read articles.

· Use writing and craft to win competitions.

· Discover how I make my talks, visits and workshops exciting and different.

· Take a guided tour of my studio (...in the future).

· Meet my Writing Friends.

· Leave me a message.

· Subscribe to my Newsletter - 'The Art of the Story'

And there's much more planned. As well as expanding some of the sections already in place, soon you'll also be able to:

Discover how I have built my website,
Learn from my promotional successes and failures, and
Explore the internet via my collection of links to other useful and fun sites.

For now, please just click on the page links that interest you.

I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay here!

Peter Taylor

PS Please feel free to print anything you find on this site.

PPS If you would like me to let you know when I make additions to this site, please leave me a message.

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