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January 2007 Newsletter

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In the late 1700's and early 1800's, 'print shops' existed in London. They attracted customers and supplied social and political comment to passers by, displaying the work of charicaturists such Gillray and Rowlandson.

This famous establishment is that of Mrs Hannah Humphrey - print publisher and vendor. The picture was drawn by James Gillray, whose work she sold.

The 1798 cartoon below was one of the first strip cartoons ever created. It was drawn by George Moutard Wooward - who, it's generally agreed, invented strip cartoons in about 1797.

He was nicknamed 'Mustard George', as Moutard is French for mustard.

(At least, many sources say his middle mame was Moutard - but I have also seen it written as 'Moulard'. The internet can lie!)

Here's a photo of my copy, and details from it:

Woodward had designed at least one other strip cartoon before this one, but I believe this is the first ever to be produced in which the text interplays with drawings to create the story.

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