Fingerprint Fun

Here are a few examples of using finger prints to create pictures and characters that could be used for illustrations for children's books, or as samples of a technique for children to try themselves. These were done just for fun!

The person in this one is Eddie Charlton - the former World Snooker Champion. I've left it all done in fingerprints, but he probably needs some highlights in his eyes. I haven't decided if I should give the ink and paper a scrape, or add them with a brush.

I first sketched the picture in pencil, outlining four main shades. Fingerprints were tested on scrap paper before application, and 'printing' several times from one inking.

I'm sure small details could be be added to a picture like this with a brush or a pen without spoiling the effect.

You can also make up all kinds of fingerprint people and animals.

Eddie was done with oil based lino-cut printing ink, and the small designs with a stamp pad.