Draw A Koala
The Easy Way

Here's a quick and easy way to draw a koala picture.

PRINT THIS PAGE and keep it beside you.

It's best to draw boxes to help get the parts the right size and shape, but the lines will have to be rubbed out later, so press as lightly as you can.

My favourite pencil for this stage is an 'H' grade. Lines drawn with a soft pencil, like a '2B', smudge too much when you need to rub them out.

Draw two squares, one on top of another. Make the sides of each square about 2cm or an inch long.

As closely as you can (you don't need to measure), divide each square into three equal strips with lines from side to side, like this.

Draw Koala's head in the bottom two strips of the top square - not quite touching the sides.

Now point his chin a tiny bit so that it comes a little below the line.

His bottom will be on the bottom of the squares, but his back sticks out the side of the box. (Not too much!)

His back leg fits in the bottom strip. I've given mine a thigh which is a bit fatter.

Koala's top leg fits in the top strip of the bottom square. Koalas have big muscles, so I've made the top line slope down to his hand.

Next you can draw in his tummy.

The guideline through the middle of his head is a good place to draw his eyes and to start his nose. His nose is brick shaped, but with a curved top.

Koalas only eat leaves, so their mouth does not need to be wide. It touches its nose, so I just draw a tiny line at each side.

Koalas are mainly grey, but their chins are lighter. If you want to draw his chin, make the lines as pale as you can. His chin is narrower at the bottom - so draw it flower-pot shape.

The insides of koalas' ears are very hairy. It makes them look huge.

Just to help you, draw squares on the sides of his head, with a flat top. Make them nearly take up the whole of the middle strip of the top square - from the level of his eyes to the top of his head.

To finish the ears, I draw the top lines first, with a little curve. Then the bottom lines, much shorter. Then the edges, with a few long bushy fur lines.

Now you can rub out the squares, strips and guidelines.

You may need to put some of the proper lines back if you rubbed them out by mistake, or it was a bit hard to miss them. Or you may want to go over the whole koala drawing to make it stand out more. I would never use a darker pencil than an HB.

If I am drawing over the outline, I often do it as dots or tiny tiny lines to suggest the koala's short fur.

I like using long round 'stick-erasers' or rubbers. Sometimes I cut the end on a slope so that I get a sharp edge to get into really tricky places.

The bigger you draw your picture, the more people expect it to look exactly like the real thing (you know, things like the right shaped feet and number of toes, which way its fur grows, and more.)

If you really want to draw toes, just draw in a middle one on each foot (maybe sticking out the front a short way). It will make your koala look to have three toes on each foot, which is the number you can usually see.

I prefer to draw my koalas small, so I don't have to add too much detail.

You may like to try and draw smaller koalas for yourself - just start with smaller squares. When drawings get really tiny, leave off the koala's mouth and chin, and just draw its nose as an oval blob.

If you want to colour your koala, they are light grey. Their ear hairs are nearly white, so I only colour the top of their ears. Their tummies are pale too. They also have hairy elbows and backs of their legs, so I also leave these very light in colour.

If your drawing is large enough to give a 3D effect with your colouring, add some darker grey on his left cheek, at the bottom of his back and round his bottom, and a little bit of shaddow under his chin and on his body under his front leg.